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PassPort Services

We provide passport assistance of Mumbai passport office and Thane passport office. We take your online appointment,guide for proper document submission Passport Related services like Renewal of passport,Fresh Passport,Minor's passport,change of name on passport,address change of passport,Damage pasport application,Lost passport application,tatkal passport,urgent passport application,ECNR,from mumbai passport office and thane passport office

Document Required for passport application

  • Residential or Address Proof(Any two Proof from Below Document)
  • Birth Proof (Any one)
  • 8 White Background Photograph
  • Read More..

raj group of companies
raj group of companies

PanCard Services

PAN Card Application, Apply & Track PAN Card Status India

PAN Card Rates Revised now @ Rs.105/- only (Rs.971/- for NRI, card dispatch outside India)

The apply PAN card form should be opted for only when the applicant has never made any such application before, and does not already have a PAN card. To confirm if there is PAN card allotted or not, one may visit the UTIITSL website.

Verification of the PAN card:

PAN Card Bulk (online) Verification applications are available for-

Organizations falling into the categories stated by ITD, including:

    • Credit card institutions and companies
    • Financial Institutions
    • Any Government Agency
    • Individuals and other entities who sign Annual Information Return

    A CBDT via the UTITSL approval is required. For this one needs to submit, in the UTIITSL specified format, an indent form.

  • Also Rs.105/- worth processing coupon, from any IT PAN Service Center must be affixed to the form.
  • If one already has a PAN number allotted, re-application cannot be made, since having two PAN numbers is illegal. However, in this regard applications for a new PAN card with better features can be made, making the payment for Rs.105/-, at the specified centers. 4. According to the form 49A, column 15, and certain documents are required to be submitted with the PAN application form.

Correction and Changes in the details of the PAN Card:

This must be done only after the individual has decided the PAN card. It is done when any data relevant to the PAN card, such as applicant’s name, father’s name, change in birth date, alteration of the address, etc need to be made, and updated in the ITD records. Though this does not result in the change in the PAN number, the relevant information is updated, and a new PAN card is issued.

Here, while form filling the appropriate check box (seen on the left margin) is to be selected. For instance, if the box 7 is checked, which is for communication address, the address would be changed itself, by default, and updated in ITD records.

It is important to note that while using PAN card India any ITD change in regards to the information given to ITD, must be notified to them by way of this form.

Service Tax

Service Tax is only liable to be paid in case the total value of the service provided during the financial year is more than Rs. 10 Lakhs. If the value of services provided during a financial year is less than 10 Lakhs, it is optional for the service provider to pay service tax or not. But, in case he has received the service tax from the service recipient, he would be required to deposit it with the govt.This exemption is called Small Scale Exemption and it is at the discretion of the service provider whether he wants to avail this exemption or not

raj group of companies
raj group of companies

Insurance Services

Why is insurance necessary? The question contains the answer within itself. After all, life is fraught with tensions and apprehensions regarding the future and what it holds for the individual.


  • Fixed Deposit
  • Mutual Funds
  • Small Saving Schemes

Liability Protection Insurance

  • Mortgage Redemption
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Term Insurance

Education & Marriage

  • Schemes available for Children Education, Higher Education & Marriage

Health & Long Term Care

  • Long Term Hospitalisation
  • Mediclaim & Medicare

Retirement Plans

  • Annuity Plans

RealEstate Consultancy

We Listen... Because we understand your need to be understood. Much before we start individualizing property solutions for you, we work towards gaining insight into your requirements and aspirations. After all, wouldn"t understanding each other be the nicest way to begin a significant relationship such as ours?

Our services in Realty

  • Licensee / Tenant Representation
  • Arranging Finance for Developers, Corporates, Industries at competitive rates through our tie-ups with Banks and Investors

  • Licensee / Tenant Representation
  • Arranging for investments in Pre-rented Properties by Consulates, Banks and Multinational Companies

  • Real Estate Purchase Services
  • Discounting rent receivables

  • Real Estate Sale Services
  • Arranging fixed interest on short-term finance

raj group of companies
raj group of companies

Company Registration Services

001 Formation Agent is your no.1 choice for forming a Indua Limited company by shares. We are pleased to offer you one of the fastest and most comprehensive online company formation services available today. You can benefit from one of the best registration systems on the market, backed up and supported by our technical team. We will drop your Company Registration Certificate in your inbox within just a few hours of completing our online application form!

ISO Services

We are ISO Consultant in Gurgaon, offering wide range of ISO, CE and many more namely:

  • | ISO 9001 |
  • | ISO 14001 |
  • | OHSAS 18001 |
  • | ISO 22000 |
raj group of companies